Hero 英雄 vocabulary

名词[ming ci] – n.

1. Flower, 落英 [luo ying] – falling petals.
2. Hero, outstanding person; 群英会 [qun ying hui] – a gathering of heroes; a conference of outstanding people.
3. English, England; 汉译英 [han yi ying] – translate from Chinese into English.
4. A surname, 英布 [ying bu] – a brave general in Chinese history.
5. Essence, the best part; 含英咀华 [han ying ju hua] – (idiom) to study and relish the beauties of literature.

形容词 [xing rong ci] – adj.

1. Remarkable, outstanding. 英才 [ying cai] – person of outstanding ability.
2. Fine, beautiful; 英名 [ying ming] – good reputation.


Hero 英雄 phrase learning

1. 英雄 [ying xiong] – hero.
2. 英雄联盟 [ying xiong lian meng] – league of legends.
3. 英格兰 [ying guo] – England.
4. 英寸 [ying chi] – inch.
5. 英吉利海峡 [ying ji li hai xia] – the English Channel.
6. 英语 [ying yu] – English.
7. 英俊 [ying jun] – talent and handsome.
8. 英明 [ying ming] – wise, brilliant.

Hero 英雄 example sentences

1. 小明的父亲是一个英雄。[xiao ming de fu qin shi yi ge ying xiong] – Xiaoming’s father is a hero.
2. 小张很喜欢玩英雄联盟。[xiao zhang hen xi huan wan ying xiong lian meng] – Xiaozhang likes to play league of legends very much.
3. 你去过英格兰吗?[ni qu guo ying ge lan ma] – Have you been to England?
4. 1英寸等于2.54厘米。[yi ying cun deng yu er dian wu si li mi] – 1 inch equals to 2,54 cm.
5. 你知道英吉利海峡在哪里吗?[ni zhi dao ying ji li hai xia zai na li ma] – Do you know where is the English Channel?
6. 小红每天有三节英语课。[xiao hong mei tian you san jie ying yu ke] – Xiaohong has 3 English lessons every day.
7. 那个男生很英俊。[na ge nan sheng hen ying jun] – That boy is very handsome.
8. 皇帝做了很英明的决策。[huang di zuo le hen ying ming de jue ci] – The empire made a brilliant decision.


Hero 英雄 wuxia film abstract

《Hero》(英雄) is a wuxia film directed by Zhang Yimou, which is based on the story of Jing Ke’s assassination attempt on the King (国王) of Qin in 227 BC. Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi played in this one of the most expensive film (电影) in Chinese film history. It was regarded as the milestone for the whole Chinese film industry by 177 million dollars global revenue.

Hero 英雄 film plot

The end of the Warring States period, there were 7 states existing among which Qin was the most powerful one. Qin has the power and ambition to unify the whole countries, which made itself the enemy of the other six states. Assassins were sent by Zhao, one of the state, including Sword, Snow, Moon and Sky (天空). They were very skillful in swordsmanship.

However, one day the four assassins were all killed by Nameless played by Jet Li. The king of Qin was extremely happy and agreed to meet Nameless. But the king was always very cautious to prevent from any danger anytime. The fight of wisdom and courage(勇气) between the king of Qin and Nameless started.